February 28, 2011

The longest trip of my life

So the señorita is coming back from Brasil and this was my itinerary:

3.30am: Taxi to the airport in Rio de Janeiro
4am: Check in in Rio to go to Sao Paulo
4.10-6.05am: Waiting in airport (drank a coffee)
6.05-7.15am: Flight Rio to Sao Paulo
7.15-8.15am: Made a line in immigration again in Sao Paulo!!!! (wondering why all the time since I´m coming from a domestic flight)
8.15-11am: waiting for my airline to open my check in line to take my flight to Mexico City
11am: Check in. They informed me the flight is delayed 2 hrs. and that they cannot give me my boarding pass for my Mexico-Montreal flight since the system doesn´t allowed it because of a lot of bla bla bla....
11.20-2.00 pm: watining at Sao Paulo´s airport... trying to sleep in my chair and oh so tired.
2.00-3.00pm: made a 1hr. line for going through immigration AGAIN!!!!! first time in my life I have to pass immigration to leave a country!!!!!!
3.30pm (sao Paulo time) - 9.30 (Mexico time): 9.30 hrs. flight to Mexico City (oh so tired)
9.30 to 11.30pm- Waiting mode at Acapulco´s airport. Apparently we had to land in Acapulco instead of Mexico City because Mexico´s president arrived at the same time and they closed the entire airport!!!!!! O.o (you gotta be joking me!!!!!!!!!)
11.30 to 12.30am- flight Acapulco-Mexico City
12.30 to 2.10am- time it took me to go out of the plane, run to immigration, and wait an hr. for my bags... (oh so so soooooo exhausted and mad!!!!!)

My connection flight to Montreal was at 1.05am so needless to say... I lost it! (thank you very much Mr. President)

This has been by far the longest trip of my life!!!! now I´m going to fly again tonight at 1am to Montreal and I will arrive around 7am (red eye flight yeeeeeey!!!!!) O.o .... Lucky me I was stranded in my country and I´ve been eating as crazy!!!!!!

I´m so tired that I´m just going to post this in English (sorry for all the Spanish readers)

Brasil was wonderful and I have so much photos to show you.... soon I promise!!!!

Oh I don´t want to see an airport in a loooooong time!!!!!


oonaballoona said...

ooooooh no! welcome back! i hope your prize doesn't go through as much travel turmoil as you did... it's now on its way to you...

Akire said...

jajajajajaja pobrecita!!! ahh pero que bien se la pasaron en brasil lalalalaala, yo quiero que vengas a Cancun!!

Cara Carmina said...

Oona! hey thanks!!!! :) I´m finally home ! xx

Akire: chataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yo tambien quiero ir!!!!! ven tuuuuu! :)

StephieB said...

Glad you had a great time away! Sorry about all the travel chaos but at least it didn't happen on the way there so you missed out on holiday time! Can't wait to hear about the trip, Stephie x

Simply Mari said...

Hello Cara Carmina!

Stephie always looking at the good side of things... this is an incredible quality, my friend!

Nowadays the plane trips become more and more adventurous...
When I came back from Europe, our luggage stayed there... we were able to catch the connection in Lisbon, but not the bags... ehehe, they arrived 3 days latter, a man delivered them at home! I heard this is quite common.

But, well... it was so nice to meet you here in Santa Teresa and I hope you come back soon!



Milrayas y puntos said...

Ohhh por lo que entendi perdiste mucho tiempo con los aburridos tramites de inmigración... pero me parece que igual la pasaste muy bien y me alegro mucho. A todos quienes hemos viajado lejos nos ha ocurrido alguna vez esos detallitos ... Estoy ansiosa por ver las fotos y mas trabajos .

Cara Carmina said...

Stephieb: oh yes, thank God it was on the way back!!!!! :) it was all worth it! :) big yellow hug!!!! soon will post a lot of photos and some cute sorprises!!!! :D

Simple Mari: oh yes, we have to see the good sides of things.... :) it was so lovely to meet you in Brasil!!!! thanks for all and soon will make a lovely lady with the cool fabric you gifted me!!! (I loooooved it!) :D

Mil rayas: ay si esto de viajar a veces se complica pero que si vale la pena!!!!! :)

un abrazoooote rosa para ti!