August 31, 2010

weekend and new faces...

Had another great weekend!!!! both venues were amazing.... and people really like my stuff!!!! I´m so so happy and feel so inspired to keep on going... Still there is much to do to be able to make a living out of my work (and that´s why this week I´ll start looking for a job... a real one, you know...? wish me luck!) but I won´t stop my dreams and I know one day this is going to become what I´ve always have dream of!

Meanwhile... I´m working on new ideas like this faces brooches....what do you think???? I looooove them... will take some better photos right now and put them in the store, they look very cool and I have some other ideas for them... !!!!

Also this weekend I tried a different hair style, to high buns, like the one my dolls have! :) and people seeemed to like it!

Oh and Jimmy Hendrix (remix) was so hot that kept drinking water during the tam tam´s (I don´t blame him... it was such a hot and lovely weekend!!!) applauses!!!!!! (let´s wish next weekend is as lovely weather as this last one!)


Tuve un lindo y exitoso fin de semana otra vez! las dos locaciones fueron muy buenas y a la gente le gustó mucho mi trabajo!!!!! Estoy tan contenta y me siento muy inspirada de seguir trabajando... De cualquier modo todavía no puedo vivir de mi trabajo y es por eso que estoy empezando a buscar trabajo... de esos trabajos que si pagan... si los conocen no?... (mandenme buena suerte!) Pero no voy a detener mi sueño... y yo se que esto un día va a ser todo un exito! lo se!!!

Mientras tanto estoy trabajando en nuevas ideas como estas lindas caras prendedores!!! son tan lindaaaaaaas!!!!... les voy a tomar mejores fotos y las voy a subir a la tienda más tarde... se ven super cool y ya tengo más ideas de como usarlas...

Este fin de semana traté un nuevo estilo para mi cabello, con dos chonguitos altos como los que usan mis muñecas, y parece que a la gente le pareció muy simpático!

Oh y Jimmy Hendrix (remix) se la pasó todo el día tome y tome agua porque hacia un caloróooooon que no vean... pobre con semejante atuendo!!! aplausos!!!!!!!! (esperemos que el proximo fin de semana haga un clima tan bonito también!)


pilli pilli said...

Such sweet faces!!!
And I love that hairdo!!!
I do my hair like that quite often (with big felt flowers stuck behind one of them...) and I always like it!

Glad you had a nice time!

pilli pilli

Cara Carmina said...

really you do???? I used to do it long time ago and just felt like it again last sunday!!! lots of fun!!!! :) (I´ll try the flowers) ;)

big yellow hug for you

a presto bella!!!

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Beautiful hair-do...looks like you have LOTS of long locks...
When my hair was long and I went clubbing a lot...I would do many of these...they called me the girl with the little snails.
What a display of beautiful creations you gave!
Your work looks fabulous in the frames...
pleased you had a great weekend.

Cara Carmina said...

char: I have looooong hair!!! :) thaaaaanks!!!! you too!!!


StephieB said...

Hi Norma!

I love your hair! It is very Star Wars I think. I'm glad you had a good weekend, everything looks wonderful.

Hugs from Sydney - Stephie