August 27, 2010

do you remember her?

Do you remember her? she was the special doll I made for Stephanie in NY! and looks like she liked her and so did Ziggy! (her oh so very pretty and white cat!)

Thanks Stephanie for the lovely pic!!!! :)


La recuerdan? ella es la muñeca especial que hice para Stephanie en NY! y parece que a ella le ha gustado muy y a Ziggy también (su lindo y blanco gato!)

Muchas gracias Stephanie for la linda foto!!!! :)


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

SHe's such a beautiful creation...brava N!...and her cat looks exactly like our cat!

P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE the frames...I think I am going to frame MY little's a shame to keep her inside,hidden in a book!


Cara Carmina said...

Hey Char! :)

isn´t she? thanks!!!! I love the cat... you have one like it!!!??? could you send me a photo of the little book mark with the cat? would be lovely to post it!!! :)

thaaaaanks about the frames, I´m quite excited about them... they look so cool together!!!!!!!!

yes yes!!! frame it! it would look fantastic!!!! :)

big hug and good weekend!!! :)