July 06, 2010

My mustache won!!!!

Today I received this beautiful book illustrated by Ale Acosta a beautiful and most talented children illustrator from Chile!!! she organized this very fun contest to send your photo with a moustache and then 3 of the photos were chosen to win a copy of her book!!! I won one!!!!! (so happy!!!!!)

Everyone in my house wants to read it... Metaphore and Sarcasm cannot stop looking at it! it´s so cool!!!!!

Thanks Ale!!!! I love it!!!! :)


Hoy recibí este lindo libro ilustrado por Ale Acosta una linda y muy talentosa ilustradora infantil de origen Chileno!!!! Ella organizó un muy divertido concurso de mandarle una photo con bigote y después rifó 3 copias de su libro entre los bigotones participantes y que me saco uno yo!!!! (ay que felicidad!!!!)

Todos en mi casa quieren leerlo... Metáfora y Sarcasmo no pueden dejar de hojearlo! esta lindisimo!!!!!

Gracias Ale!!!! me encanta!!!! :)


Pilli Pilli said...
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Pilli Pilli said...

Well... I must say it's a deserved winning. The "Moustache" looks great on you. A keeper?

pilli pilli

PS. I'm really happy you liked the cage... I was just thinking about that earlier today... :)
Oh and Metaphor really DOES look like my Maia!

MJ said...

The book looks awesome!! i will have to check it out!

Simply Mari said...

In honor to Frida´s birthday! Another moustache girl...

Cara Carmina said...

Pilli Pilli: I just loooove it! (tomorrow I will post about it!) thaaaanks...

about my mustache... definitely I will NOT keep it! hahaha!!! :) I think metaphore and Maia could be very good friends! :)

MJ: it´s really cool!!! check it out if you can!

Simply Mari: happy bday to Frida ha? :)