June 20, 2010

Special visit!

Guess who just came to visit me??? CARA CARMINA herself!!!! I guess she wanted to check upon the dolls and the business... she stayed for a while and we had a good talk... she took me by surprise as I was on my computer checking some blogs and suddenly she was on my screen!!!

Hello! (she said)
Hello! (I said)

I offered her a glass of water and she gladly stayed for a while walking on my hand :)

One of the reasons of the name of my label and logo is that I´ve always liked lady bugs... I think they bring good look into my life and I just find them very cute, such a small and perfect little thing... What a nice omen this was... I took her to the balcony and she flew away happy about her visit!!!


Adivinen quien vino a visitarme??? CARA CARMINA en persona!!!! Creo que quería checar las muñecas y el negocio... se quedó un buen rato y tuvimos una buena charla... me tomó por sorpresa su llegada mientras estaba viendo blogs en mi computadora, de pronto estaba ella en mi pantalla!!!

Hola! (me dijo)
Hola! (le dije)

Le ofrecí un vasito de agua y muy contenta accedió a quedarse un rato caminando por mi mano :)

Una de las razones para el nombre de mi marca y mi logotipo es el que siempre me han gustado las catarinas (así les llamamos en México). Tengo esta creencia de que me traen buena suerte y son tan bonitas y tan perfectas siendo tan chiquititas... Que lindo augurio que viniera... La llevé al balcón y se fue muy contenta después de la visita!!!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Cara Carmina,
It is very good luck to have a lady bird arrive on you...out of the blue.
You have such a WONDERFUL World over here, I have been admiring your creations...simply beautiful.
I was wondering if you would like to be a part of our Tell All Tuesdays Interviews which I host over at our blog.
Come for a visit, and see how you feel.
HUGS lucky lady!

oonaballoona said...

now i know what caracarmina means!

by the way, i heart voraciously your more-than-my-own-skin frida doll. she's gorgeous.

Cara Carmina said...

Oh isn´t it??? I think so too :) out of the blue and the weirdes thing it was 9.45pm it was dark and all my windows were closed...

Oh I´ll go right now to visit you and check it out!!! :) thaaaanks!

Cara Carmina said...

Oh yes I speak italina so cara means "dear" and "carmina" (red female thing) in italian... cute ha??? MY name is Norma but lately everyone calls me Cara :) (I like it though!) it´s cute!!!!

Oh OH OOOOOOH that Frida is my most precious creation EVER!!!! she is really something and when I finished her I could not believe how lovely she was... I sighed... :) THANKS!

Saskia said...

Lovely visitor!!

Saskia :)