March 25, 2010

Petit preview

I´m kind of busy these days with all these girls... they are soooo much work, the detail I put in them requires me to be very focused and lots of time so I´ve been kind of tired... after making all the faces and hairs I will dress them up!!! they are going to be sooo pretty!!!!

Just a little preview of the dolls for my exhibition.... now, back to work!


He estado ocupada estos días con estas mujeres... es muchísimo trabajo y el detalle que les doy requiere que me concentre mucho y toma mucho tiempo... así que ando cansadona... después de hacer las caras y el cabello las voy a vestir!!! van a quedar tan lindas!!!

Una pequeña probadita de las muñecas de mi exhibición... ahora de vuelta a trabajar!


PilliPilli Handmade said...

I'm curious to see what bodies you'll give them girls!

But I love them already!


Cara Carmina said...

Thanks so much!!! you´ll see they are going to be sooo pretty!!!

angelique said...

They are fantastic and I understand why it can make you tired to do these. You need to concentrate very hard when you sew such intricate things on the sewing machine. I am curious though.......what fabric are you using? Is it calico or something else?


They look so great grouped together like that! :)

Cara Carmina said...

thanks so much for your comments!!!!