April 20, 2009

Process of a girl in love...

Always wanted to share my work in process... this is a little girl of a new collection I've made this weekend... *I'm just soooo inspired! They are called "Little Pieces" and they are small pieces of art dolls which can be used just as anything you want: book marker, good luck charm, gift when not having much money, smile opener, applique, child toy, anxiety calmer, good dreamer (if put under the pillow by night....) anything!!!

So, first I draw the little girl in the felt.... (it´s been so hard to find felt in Montreal!!!!!) then I use the sawing machine as a pen and the thread is my ink... I draw on the lines and make her face (that´s the most time consuming part... is just so detailed and so tiny...!!!!) then I add the dress fabric and whatever on it I want... in this case a little paper heart! just love the way paper looks sawn on fabric... specially of old book pages... (I´m studying French so I have a hoot for French lately, looks so... cute!), then I finish the arms and feet... with the same free style with the machine and as I saw, I cut the threads, since I have to go back and forth and move the doll to every direction to be able to draw it.... it gets full of threads. This time I decided to let some loose ones on the doll, they look cute I think... and finally I make the word bubble she has... and she is done!!!! I put another felt piece on her back and sew it to cover all the threads in the back and to give her support... then cut over her edge... and pait her cheeks!!!!

Et Voila!!!!!!!!!

Isn´t she cute???


carapapa said...

wow, it's very interesting !!!! Thank you !!! And I want make one for me too !

Estefanía said...

Precioso tu trabajo!!!!...me encanta de verdad me siento muy identificada con lo que haces, yo tambien hago de todo, y me gustan todos los tipos de manualidades.

Pajara Pinta said...

carapapa: uuuy well if you do, show it off ok??? sending you lots of energy!

Estefania: hoooola y bienvenida.... muchas gracias por tus palabras, las voy a guardar... muy bien!