April 19, 2009

Let´s begin!

My name is Norma... aka Cara Carmina... aka Pajara Pinta (which in Spanish means Red bird), that comes from an old spanish children song... but that´s another story...
Anyways, I was missing to have a space where to talk about my work in process and my new life... Lately I´ve moved from illustration to textile art; but that doesn´t mean I´m not drawing anymore... is just that inspiration finds it´s way throught in different ways sometimes... so, for now, I´m making dolls... but who knows... And talking about my new life, I just moved from Mexico City *where I'm from*, to Montreal City... *where he lives*. "He" for further reference will be called "Mr. Cat face" and is the man I love with all my heart... We now live along with my 3 cats (Metaphor, Irony and Sarcasm), which flew all the way with me from Mexico, and are happy together!!!
So let´s begin with this new project, with this new life, and see what happens...!!!


yolanda said...

ay! porfa, porfa, si no es mucho pedir escribe bilingüe.

Pajara Pinta said...

hooooola! gracias por la visita! uuuy mujer sabes, queria hacer este en Ingles porque es como alterno al limonero... pero te prometo que en el limonero estare posteando cosas similares en español.... un abrazoooooo!